April 20 2011: Fast Carb Slow Carb Diet

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Apr 20th, 2011
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Hey Guys,

Hope you are all well. The week has been really good for me and thought i better sit down and have an update. What I wanted to talk about was the whole Theory behind the Fast Carb Slow Carb Diet.

I did an Article on Insulin Resistance Symptoms a while back that touched on the principles of Insulin in a bit of depth but this is the real truth or reason that the diet is around. It is all designed around that fact that if you eat certain foods that it will lower the chance of an insulin spike which gets your body to start storing fat.

Foods that usually cause a high blood sugar surge or insulin surge are mainly White Carbs(Sugar, Flour, Etc..), fruits & Most Dairy. So the goal is to keep off these.

I have been experimenting with heaps of tweaks and changes to the Diet and What I am starting to Relise is the biggest fact about the book. 1 That Tim Ferris’s Book goes in to a bit but is a point to stick with.

It is all about your Harajuku Moment & Staying Accountable. I have been Throwing in some Neuro Linguistic Programming in as well which I am working on.

As after many years of testing out diets one of the biggest lessons I have learned about the Whole Fast Carb Slow Carb Diet (and diet scene in general) is that it is a % game.

The old me used to believe it was

50% Exercise
50% Diet

I truly believed in my early days this was the %’s that were true to go by if you wanted to get fit.

As I did more research and had more Early Attempts at Success(Failed Diets). I learned it was more like

25% Exercise
75% Diet

In the last 3 or so months I have realized I was missing a whole other Category for losing weight. Mindset needs to be in there. As you can try all you like but if your mind is not going the same direction as everything else you are doomed from the start. This is why people do diet after diet and keep going backwards.

So the % I believe is accurate in shall we say time spent working on is:

60% Mindset
10% Exercise
30% Diet

As to be honest Exercise & Diet mean nothing if the head is not playing the same game. In my learnings I have found the Slow Carb Diet to be the best Base for health in food.(In My Opinion). HIT or High Intensity Training to be the bestexerciseand NLP/To Do Lists/Etc… to really help work on mindset.

I am still working on the mindset as I am not 100% there yet. But I know with work I will be.

So I guess my Question is to everyone looking to start the Fast Carb Slow Carb Diet is: Do you have your mind in the right place? is there a reason you have not lost weight in the past that is more mental than physical?

If you answer the diet as saying: Poppycock, I just did not stay on the diet that is why it did not work. Then you have just answered the question.

Well That is my 2 cents for the day. I hope everyone has an amazing Easter Weekend. No Chocolate eggs remember. Have a big Juicy Steak with a Red wine/Balsamic Vinegar Sauce instead :-)

  • Stevenbuddenjr

    HI. You should check out the 80/10/10 diet book by Douglas Graham. It talks a lot about how our body uses fruit. For instance, what causes a blood sugar spike from fruit is high fat content in the blood, because it effects the permeability of the membranes, so the sugar can’t leave the blood as needed. I am also interested in NLP. But lately I’ve come to believe that exercise can play an even more important role than diet. Why? For one thing, oxygen is more essential to the body than nutrients from food. (We can live for weeks without food, but only minutes without oxygen). Also, exercise can change your physiology (both in the moment and in the long term), and this can change your beliefs. I tried every diet under the sun for almost 10 years, as well as various spiritual disciplines, for my health issues. Now I run regularly and lift a few times a week and I feel great! Dietary choices that would have been issues before don’t cause any problem now. Did you know, aerobic exercise can actually cause your body to create up to 25% more blood, so that it can more efficiently deliver oxygen to the cells? Anyway, the body is designed to move. If you move enough, our body gets strong enough to heal itself, and you experience more life. As Tony Robbins says, “Emotion comes from motion. Move!” And he’s the most direct path to NLP mastery, if you ask me. Best wishes.