February 3 2011: Slow Carb Breakfast

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Feb 4th, 2011

Hey Guys.

MMMM the Smell of Bacon and eggs. It must be Slow Carb Breakfast time!

Just wanted to do a short post today as have a busy schedule of work.

I do Web Design & Social Media Marketing in my spare time lol.

But I wanted to give everyone 3 Slow Carb Breakfast Recipes. As I love Tim and what he does but Spinach is just not going to happen in the morning.

So with out further adue:

My Top 3 Slow Carb Breakfast Ideas

Bacon, Eggs and Mushrooms

Nice and Simple Slow Carb Breakfast right here. This would be a 5 out of 7 day breakfast for me. Some Tips to make this taste great:

  • Make sure you have 3 – 4 egg whites with 1 Egg Yolk for flavor
  • Mix the eggs up I love Fried eggs but scrambled is in there too.
  • Make sure the bacon is Organic and double check for sugar & nitrates. They are both a no no.
  • I cut the mushrooms nice and fine and cook them in the fat from the bacon (remember fat is not bad)
  • I sometimes add a drop of Macadamia nut oil for flavor as well as salt & petter
  • Get some fresh Chives to go in the Eggs or maybe Some Fresh Avocado to spice it up

Im not going to go over the cooking process lol, as you should know how to do this. But I will tell you this gives you a great kick in the morning!

Omelette – Peppers, Onion & Spinach

Slow Carb Breakfast RecipesThis would be maybe 1 time a week for me. Just to mix it up even more.

I mix 6 Eggs (2 yolks + 6 Whites), 1 Quater Red Pepper, 1 Quater Green Pepper, Salt, Black Pepper, Quater of an Onion, 2 cubes of frozen spinach together. With a little bit of Cayenne Pepper to taste.

Mix it all up nicely and pop in a pan and make myomelette. Tastes Great. Simple Effective and Pepper & Spinach have great levels of Fibre.

Steak, Tomato and Eggs

For those Manly days. When I need something. I think this would be best for winters days maybe. But I would Grab

2 Tomatos
Some nice Steak, a Good Piece
2 Eggs (whole)

I cut the tomatos in half, Start Doing the Steak first, then 2 full fried eggs and finally pop in the tomatos to sear them off.

I do some times add lots of pepper to the steak for flavor. But all and all tastes great. looks good on the plate too.

So guys that is my 3 quick and simple Slow Carb Breakfast idea’s I hope they all sound yummy. Please feel free to add your idea’s for Slow Carb Meals for Breakfast to the comment section.

Always keen to try something new!

  • DaveW

    I’m new to the whole Low Carb diet but aren’t all of these missing legumes?

  • http://infofaisalabad.blogspot.com Faisalabad

    Thanks a lot for sharing such a nice recipe with us.I am looking for some delicious recipes online and going to try all of these recipes in succession.

  • katea

    shut up